I can’t just turn this on. I’m not like you guys. I don’t have claws or glowing eyes or super senses. I just have voices in my head.

Might seem like I give a fuck but nah

I don’t know, I’m literally the most awkward, socially strange person.


don’t romanticize basic rights 
it’s not attractive that a man is a feminist 
it’s not sexy that a man finally realizes the prejudice against women and how very oppressed women are 
it’s common sense

If I had let all of the negative stuff affect me, I don’t think I would be satisfied with the person I am now. That’s what I tell my fans: If you’re miserable with everything going on in school, that is so not going to matter the moment you leave.”


bae: I love you
me: I love…….that concept

I know for some girls, tight clothes make them feel like they can take on the world and that’s fine too. But I don’t think that sexy only means showing skin: It’s all about wearing whatever makes you feel the most badass.


When I tell you I love you, I’m not lying. And when I tell you I love only you, I’m not lying. But the fact of the matter is that I will always love the people I loved before you too, the same way I’d still love you if we ever stopped being together. But you are the only person I love the way I love you now. You are the only person I will ever love this way because I love everyone differently.
I love you, only you, but in the same way I love them and only them.

Here’s my other offer. You can all just die.


make sure all of the letters on my grave stone are lowercase so i can remain cool and casual even in death